Community Center

Community Center Rental

The Delaware Township Community Center is located at 9094 E 131st Street, directly behind the Government Center. The Community Center is a fully accessible facility with space suitable for your wedding reception, reunions, club or business meeting. The facility offers three different meeting rooms (Addison room, Kincaid room, and Eller room) or you may choose to rent the entire building. The community center also features a catering kitchen and a small room for brides to rest and get ready for an event. The large lobby may be reserved for “pre-function” activities as well.


Reservations for the facility are scheduled with the Trustee’s office. Inquiring organizations should authorize one individual to serve as the contact person for the group. This person will be responsible for scheduling the reservation and coordinating details with the township, including any arrangements for the building access and instructions for facility use. The contact person must be present at all times during the event and is responsible for assuring that the facility is left in its original condition. Reservations will be confirmed in writing by the township upon receipt of any applicable fees or deposit and a completed Indemnification/Release form.


The Delaware Township Trustee’s Office will attempt to accommodate each request; however, the Trustee reserves the right to restrict frequency of use and to schedule the facility based on the best use for the community. The Trustee also reserves the right to change, cancel, or revoke reservations at any time, provided the affected group is given as much advance notice of the change as possible.


This cancellation policy is necessary to provide for the best use of the Township Community Center. Late cancellations and “no-shows” prevent others from using the facility. Initial payment will be held for seven (7) days. Following, there will be absolutely no refunds.


Please enter and exit using 131st street only. The Britton Road exit (at the west end of property) is for emergency use only. If your group anticipates more cars than parking spaces, arrangements must be made to provide shuttle service. BRITTON DRIVE & 131st STREET MAY NOT BE USED FOR OVERFLOW  PARKING! Cars may be towed that are in violation. There are 169 parking spaces. Please take this into consideration when booking the facility.

Damage Deposit

A refundable deposit will be required for the use of the facility and will be collected from the contact person at the time of confirmation. The deposit will be returned within 10 days if all policies for the use of the facility are maintained. The deposit may be retained if damages occur or if excessive cleaning is necessitated. A deposit of $300 cash is due at the time of key pick-up. If alcohol is served, a deposit of $500 cash is required.  Damages or cleaning costs that exceed the deposit fee will be the responsibility of the respective person/organization, as well as attorney fees should one be necessary for collection.


Phones are provided for public use in the vestibule and kitchen. Local or calling card calls only. Wireless Internet and cable are available upon request. The kitchen is equipped with residential-grade appliances.

Alcohol Policy

Please refer to our written policy for the use of alcohol during your function.  The Trustee reserves the right to prohibit the use of alcohol for any given event as deemed necessary. All decisions concerning alcohol use at the Community Center will be made by the Trustee and all decisions will be final.  

The Community Center user is responsible for all rules pertaining to alcohol EACH and EVERY time alcohol is served. For example, if the facility is reserved from Friday night to Saturday night and alcohol is served both evenings, liability insurance and a police officer must be secured for each evening.


For pricing information, please contact us at 317-842-8595 or

Custom Set-Up

Every effort will be made to accommodate requests for special set-up of your rented space.  However, there will be circumstances that may prevent us from meeting your requests.  You will be given a deadline for making such requests at the time of reservation.  We will accommodate requests for festival/theater seating ONLY if time and scheduling permits.  There is a one dollar ($1) per chair charge for this set-up.

Problems During Your Event?

The Delaware Township Community Center does NOT employ a full-time attendant; therefore, if you should encounter an emergency any time after office hours, please refer to the call list, located in the vestibule next to the phone.  We will respond to emergencies as quickly as possible.


  1. Clean up: All persons using the Township facilities are asked to keep the rooms in a neat and orderly condition and not affix items to the walls. Food and beverages are allowed, but they must be disposed of properly. All groups doing craftwork must first cover tables. Trash is to be emptied into the containers located outside the building on the West side of the Community Center. Failure to satisfy this obligation may prohibit future use of the facilities and loss of your deposit.
  2. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult in the Community Center at all times. Adults attending meetings must not leave children unattended.
  3. Key(s) must be returned in a timely manner following the meeting/event. Failure to return key after being notified by the Trustee’s office, will result in a key replacement charge. (This includes lost keys).
  4. Smoking is prohibited in the Community Center.
  5. Building must be secured upon exit according to instructions on confirmation sheet.  Please keep outer vestibule doors shut except during load in/out. Failure to secure the building may prohibit future use of the facilities and loss of your deposit.
  6. Consideration must be given to neighbors and others using the facility. Be cautious that noise level is not disruptive to others.
  7. Decorations may not be applied to the walls. Balloons may be brought in the day of the function. Absolutely no use of glitter or confetti.
  8. Only areas pre-arranged at reservation time are to be used by anyone in your group. The Lobby and hallways are NOT to be used for any activities unless arrangements are approved in advance.
  9. ALL youth activities must be chaperoned by two adults over 21 years of age per 25 attendees – one of which must be a parent/guardian. Adults attending meetings must not leave children unattended.
  10. The moveable walls may not be opened or closed by anyone other than a Delaware Township employee.
  11. Group MUST exit the building no later than the time scheduled on your contract.  The building is automatically armed and late departures may trigger the alarms and signal law enforcement of a problem.
  12. Kitchen ranges are to be used for warming of food only.  Actual cooking should be done elsewhere as the alarms in the kitchens are very sensitive.

Failure to satisfy these obligations may cause forfeiture of deposit and will prohibit future use of the facilities.


If you have lost something during one of your events at our Community Center or in our Government Center, please call our office.

To book or view our Community Center, please email or call our office at (317) 842-8595.