Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the pantry located?

Use the ‘Food Pantry Assistance’ page on our website to sign up for the food pantry and place an order. Please call (317) 842-8595 with questions or if you are unsure if you are eligible to use the pantry.

How do I access the food pantry?

Prior to first use of the pantry, clients will be asked to fill out an application online and upload a
copy of their ID or passport. Clients will choose a username and password. On each
subsequent visit, clients will only need to use their username and password to order from the food pantry.

What should I do if I’m having trouble signing up for/using the online food pantry?

If clients have trouble using the online food pantry system, they should call (317) 842-8595 for assistance.

Who may use the pantry?

Any families who reside in the Hamilton Southeastern School District (Delaware, Fall Creek, and
Wayne Townships).

When is the pantry open?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9 am-2 pm is when the office is open for order pick-up.

Clients may place their orders online anytime.

Why have I received an email saying my food pantry order is ‘on-hold’?

If you have not used the pantry before, you must fill out an application on the ‘Food Pantry Assistance’ page. If you place an order but have not completed the application, your order will be placed on-hold and then canceled.

Also, if you have placed an order and you do not live in the HSE school district, your order will be cancelled. Use Community Compass or call your local Trustee’s Office to find a food pantry in your area.

Why have I received an email saying my food pantry order is ‘canceled’?

If you do not collect your food pantry order within 30 minutes of your scheduled pick-up time, your order will be canceled, and you will need to reorder.

Hearing Impaired?

Text 317-756-1311 when you arrive.

How much food do clients receive?

Clients may select food items from the online food pantry ‘shop’. Staff will do their best to fulfill clients order list based on items availability. When possible, clients
will be asked about specific needs and provided those items if they are available. We ask that clients
only select what they need.

Why can’t I change the quantity requested on certain items?

Certain items in high demand are limited to 1 per order. This is to ensure we have enough stock, so that each client can receive one of these items, where possible.

How often can clients use the pantry?

Clients may schedule an online pick-up from the pantry once a week.

How far out can I schedule orders?

Clients can schedule order pick-ups up to 4 weeks in advance. They can also select ‘recurring’ if they would like to receive the same items each week, at the same time.

How often can clients receive household items?

If funding allows, clients are offered household items once a month. They will select their household items when they pick up their food pantry order.