Frequently Asked Questions- Community Center

What are normal Community Center Hours?

Sunday – Thursday: 7am to 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 7am to 12am

Will my group be the only group in the building?

Your group will be the only group in the building, if you book the whole building.
If you book 1 or 2 rooms, it is possible there will be more than one group in the building at the same time.

Can I reschedule my booking?

If a date is available and advanced notice given, a one-time date change may be available based on the discretion of the Trustee.

Are refunds available?

After the initial 7 days following your first payment, there are no refunds.

How much parking is available?

We have 186 parking spaces.

Can we stay past our scheduled event time?

No, any time past the scheduled event time will be charged accordingly and taken out of the damage deposit.

Can I come in before my scheduled event time to decorate or drop things off?

No, you will only be allowed access to the building during your scheduled event time.

Do you provide linens?

No, we do not have linens available.

Are we able to bring in our own food?

Yes, there are no restrictions in regard to bringing your own food. You are able to bring in your own food or catering.

Can we cook on the property?

No cooking is allowed on the property or grounds. Ovens are for heating purposes only and outdoor cooking is strictly prohibited.